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The most nerve-wracking time in any parent’s life is seeing the cute little baby you use to cuddle and give warm baths sudden become so big and too busy for your old school parenting skills.

Yes, it can be difficult to see how they no longer value all those moments they spent in your care. Right now, it’s all about the world out there for them. Their new friends, the age of puberty, the cutest guys in class and the girls who keep wishing they could be the centre of attention in their cheerleading team. It goes on and on.

So, imagine what these teenagers must be going through due to the new normal of social distancing and isolation. For them, it feels like a nightmare just staying around parents and care-givers without hanging out with friends and going to the movies!

They could literally go into depression with all these restrictions. In these moments, care-givers need to apply caution, care and concern in dealing with teenagers because it’s not about monitoring their movements or setting up curfew time or even sending them on endless errands just to keep them engaged. It’s about understanding, listening and trying to level with them a little. It’s all about being diplomatic in order to keep them mentally sane, physically active and emotional balanced despite the ongoing pandemic and the changes going on in the world.

Beta Marashi, an author once said;

“It is easy to be a good parent to a good child, but what makes a good parent, is dealing with a difficult child.”

When it feels like you as a parent seem to have lost track of what to do, don’t give up. Find that child in the teenager and reach out to them.

As they are made to isolate from their schools, friends and exciting activities, it can be depressing, but it could also be the biggest turning point in their lives.

This could be the time for;

–      Parents to engage them in meaningful conversations about themselves. How they can convert some of their hobbies and talents into a business or eventually become mentors to their younger peers and share their talents.

–      Teenagers to create really cool online hangouts with friends where they get to discuss school work, fashion trends, sports and all that interests them. They get to explore new things with friends online without feeling left out.

–      Those online workout plans like yoga and aerobics with fitness trainers or other gym pals. That way, they all keep tabs on each other’s fitness goals.

–      Bonding together with family. No bickering from parents about taking out the trash or grumbling just because of house chores. Instead, spend time doing fun things together like taking walks, cooking, playing family games or even watching inspirational or cultural related movies.

Finally, the target should always be to let the teenager live their age. They must show responsibility and confidence as they grow but above all despite the ongoing pandemic, they need to be allowed to make mistakes, learn from them and grow into the most resilient beings on earth. Being a teenager should be fun, exciting but yet, having parents and care-givers to guide you through those tough years, will in return be the most memorable moments ever.

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